Bradley Gregg is a native Angeleno who grew up in a tumultuous, broken home and found solace as well as purpose in his pursuit of the arts. Portraying everything from a dangerous rebel to a comedic sidekick, from an action hero to a blind and troubled soul, from an Irish immigrant to a homeless hippie, from a Swedish farmer to an alien encountering cowboy, Bradley is known for his versatility as an actor. He has the ability to create multi-dimensional, memorable, and even iconic characters.

His professional career began in 1985, when he played a bullying thug in EXPLORERS. Immediately following was STAND BY ME, where he brought the outwardly tough yet inwardly sensitive older brother of River Phoenix, “Eyeball Chambers” to life. Next, were a string of roles in film and television projects including…INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE, where Bradley played the old west roustabout, “Roscoe” who challenges young Indy. Bradley has been fortunate to frequently collaborate with legendary actors and directors alike. In LONESOME DOVE, Bradley resonated with audiences alongside Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones, as the homesick Irish immigrant, “Sean O’Brien” who loses his life to an unfortunate Water Moccasin attack. Having been noticed and hired by such directors as Steven Spielberg, Rob Reiner, James Burrows and Roland Emmerich, Bradley found himself in the midst of an invaluable, hands-on film and television production education. Director Terry Gilliam even created a role for Bradley in THE FISHER KING…one that afforded him the opportunity to work experimentally with Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams. His career continued on as he co-starred with Jessica Lange in the Hallmark Hall of Fame classic, O’PIONEERS and was chosen to play “Bobby Cogdill” in the alien abduction drama, FIRE IN THE SKY with James Garner. He received praise for his role as “Jerry,” a tender-hearted yet sly wanderer in the Sundance Film Festival art house film, GEORGE B. where he starred opposite David Morse. Bradley also stood out in cult favorites, EYE OF THE STORM starring opposite Dennis Hopper as the blind and abused shut-in, “Steven Glance,”… the futuristic gang drama, CLASS OF 1999 portraying the lead character, “Cody Culp” opposite Malcolm McDowell and Stacey Keach… and as the puppetmaker, “Phillip” in NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET III - THE DREAM WARRIORS…among others. Bradley also has a list of episodic series regular, recurring and guest starring roles on his resume. These roles ran from the comedic on sitcoms such as SILVER SPOONS, VALERIE, MY TWO DADS, and THE MARSHALL CHRONICLES to the dramatic in THE PRETENDER, ER, TWILIGHT ZONE, THE BRONX ZOO and 21 JUMP STREET.

Always the soul searcher…after his dear friend died suddenly and he and his wife, Dawn suffered the loss of two children, Bradley took a hiatus from work in front of the camera and took time to engage in a self-inventory.   He made the decision to focus solely on his heart, his marriage, and raising his family. He and the tribe moved to the Sonoran Desert.

Now back in Los Angeles with Dawn and their five children, he has resumed his acting career and will be next seen as “Theo” in James Franco’s Rabbit Bandini period piece, ROXANA and as "Anthony Woods" in the action, thriller, WELCOME TO ACAPULCO with Paul Sorvino and Michael Madsen.  

One of Bradley’s greatest joys is meeting his die-hard fans, people who stand in line to shake his hand. What a humbling experience it has been to be a part of iconic films that mean so much to people.

As film makers, Bradley and his wife, Dawn have written and are co-producing the family drama, CEDARS OF LEBANON, the Civil War era, BUCKLAND'S STATION and the contemporary, social justice indie, #LIFEISART.    They have various other film and television projects in development.  Their award-winning documentary short film JOURNEY TO JEMIMA tells the story of a couple’s life-changing journey to Kazakhstan for an international adoption. BEHIND THE SCENES: THE MAKING OF WHISKEY LULLABY, a short documentary that captures the story behind the song collaboration by recording artists Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss and the making of the award-winning music video, was presented on Country Music Television (CMT).  Bradley was also producer and editor of the documentary feature, THE FACE OF FREEDOM - SERIES ONE: 14 DAYS IN AMERICA, a British photographer’s 14-day trek across America capturing portraits of people as they are. This film was honored at White Sands Film Festival.